The Clockwork Story

Clockwork Realty Group exists to facilitate win-win opportunities in residential real estate. We are a full service firm that focuses on buying, selling, and managing properties.

It started with a dream several years ago. Jobey and Andrew became friends in the late 1990's in college at UNC Charlotte. After graduation, Jobey pursued a successful professional basketball career in Europe. Andrew's career focused on helping build a non-profit organization as well as a couple of profitable small businesses. 

The two kept in touch throughout the years and reconnected when Jobey retired from basketball and moved back to Charlotte to establish a new career as a Real Estate Broker. With Jobey's real estate expertise, Andrew's business experience, and a tight friendship they began investing in Real Estate together. Over the next few years they purchased and managed a growing rental property portfolio. 

The dream began to expand as they envisioned a full service real estate firm that could meet all real estate needs, including helping others build their own real estate portfolios. Their desire is to provide a service that operates so efficiently that their clients would say, "that process ran like clockwork." 

The Clockwork family quickly grew as Andrew and Jobey added like-minded agents to the team. Our team members bring a diverse range of experience and expertise; including licensed appraiser, photographer, licensed electrician, professional athelete, sales, pastoral ministry, and more. Our team truly enjoys working together and helping each other succeed.